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Here we go again

It all started back in 199 … 8? I was a teenager with a computer, long before that was a no-brainer. I set up my first blog, a site and one of the first local online communities (over 70,000 suscribers), when there was still no Facebook, Twitter, and also not even computers at the homes of many of my high school classmates. I loved internet and I thought it loved me. Until…

…I got ‘hacked’. Oh por dios el horror. Suddenly my pages were showing an unauthorized adult version of the magical world of Harry Potter. I nearly died. Naturally, I left the blogging world completely humiliated.

But now, I wanna be back. It’s time to get out of my shell of perfectionists excuses, and dare to  hear my own voice. Yes, I can speak louder! My passion for writing about what I’m curious, inspires me, or makes me happy is what pushes me towards this goal. I do not want to have a plan, I’m guided only by one mission:


I love to write, I’m irrepressibly curious, my mind is like a sponge and my life is a medley (with an 80’s spirit if you will, I was born in that beautiful decade where everything was possible). I love to be everywhere, I do not wanna miss a party, I want to find all the most beautiful things in the world, and if they don’t exist yet, I want to create them. I love to travel, to cook, to take pictures, to connect ideas and even to draw them. My happiness is to live this cocktail of activities where all the ingredients add up, and the labels do not really matter. A messy quilombo, a permanent state of surprise, a creative disorder, an array of ‘what-ifs’, and even some  metaphorical bungee jumping.

Welcome to my happimess.

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